Sunday, October 6, 2013

31 Days to a Happier Life - Day 6

I am so happy I have nearly finished my closet makeover project. This has been a HUGE project for me, with lots of challenges along the way, and I'm so proud of myself for working out good solutions and making it all come together into a beautifully finished product. What a stress relief this will be to have it all put back and tidied up.

Stress and worry are terrible things. The bible tells us not to worry, that worry cheats us of today. We need to focus more on our worship of God instead of wasting our time and energy worrying about things that are out of our control. Faith is all encompassing - we must allow Him to control our life, and not let worry control our life.

Of course this is a very difficult things to do, but one worth practicing each day. When I get all panicked and anxiety creeps in it usually manifests itself in other areas of my life, like becoming frustrated with my kids, or getting mad at my husband, or having self-doubt. The first thing I usually do is blame someone else (for anything!).

I was talking to a friend recently, and something she said really stuck with me - "We are so quick to blame others for things that are in our control."

We really need to focus on the problem, find a solution and get on with it. Instead we waste energy worrying, getting mad, blaming others, being frustrated. I always tell my kids, when they are getting frustrated with a project, or mad at each other, to sit out and calm down; to take a big breathe in and then blow all that bad air out; to "Stop, Think and Do The Right Thing". Now what I really need to do is tell myself this each time I become frustrated or mad.

So, today let's concentrate on getting things done, being happy, and spending less time worrying.

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