Monday, October 14, 2013

31 Days to a Happier Life - Day 14

I am sitting at my desk, the blinds are open, and I'm watching the rain fall.

This beautiful. soft, earth-drenching rain.

We have been waiting for 3 days for this rain. It has been raining to the north of us. It has been flooding to the south of us. For 3 days we have had gloomy skies. Little sprinkles. Now, it is raining. So thankful for this rain.

3 days of gloomy skies does something to you. For me, it makes me slow down, and nest. It makes me want to sleep in, and cuddle with my girls. It makes me want more coffee! It makes me want to read. Just sit and read.

It is not cold enough yet to curl up under a blanket, but we still do (just turn the a/c down a little lower).

When I was younger I used to love walking in the rain (with an umbrella of course - I'm not that crazy). It was always so quiet, and peaceful. It was a beautiful time to think and dream. And to really see. It makes you slow down and really see.

Today, I'm not depressed, nor sad, nor grumpy. I'm grateful.

Grateful for the rain we are finally receiving - we desperately need it.

Grateful it has given me the chance to catch-up on things at home.

Grateful it has slowed us down, even if it is just for a few days.

Being grateful is sometimes easy. And sometimes it is something we forget.

In the everyday workings of our life it is easy to forget to give thanks for all the good things you have in your life. Then a reminder will come - a news story of suffering, and unexpected bonus, or something someone says.

But really we need a constant reminder to be thankful - whether it be through an early morning devotion, or saying grace at dinner.

We are blessed, and loved, beyond compare.

As we sit here in our nice house, we always laugh about where we came from - our first place we lived in was a converted fire station's garage in an inner city suburb. It was cold, and damp (roommate actually had mushrooms grow out of her carpet once - true story!!) and there was nothing pretty about it. But we were surrounded by great friends, and have lots of great memories from there. And it makes us ever so much more grateful for what we have now.

Be grateful for today.

For the small things...and the big things.

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