Monday, October 21, 2013

31 Days to a Happier Life - Day 19

Being pretty.

Being pretty is more than how we look, it is also how we look at the world, and at other people. If we show grace, and kindness, and manners, then it doesn't matter if our hair is messy or our clothes don't match. It is the beauty of what is on the inside that will shine out and light up our world.

Life is not a popularity contest, or a beauty contest. God loves us all the same.

I always tell my girls that they are beautiful, but being beautiful on the inside is way more important than being beautiful on the outside. They are "beautiful on the inside" when they show kindness, and are understanding and compassionate. This beauty isn't gene-based, it is being-raised-right-based. Anyone, anywhere, at anytime can show this kind of beauty. You don't need the right jeans, or shoes, or makeup, just the right attitude.

When the girls go somewhere to play I always remind them to look for the kids no one is playing with and invite them to play with you. Sometimes other people are shy, just like you, so they will need an extra hand to help them feel included and loved.

Being pretty on the inside makes me a lot happier than focusing on being pretty on the outside. People with a welcoming smile, a kind gentle manner are always the type of person I look up to.

I hope I raise two sweet, kind, curtiuos girls, who will be accepting of everyone, hopefully be leading by example. As a shy person, I find it really hard to break out of my shell, but for them I try extra hard.

When my youngest tells me I'm so much prettier without makeup, I know I'm on the right track :)

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