Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Transcendent Architecture - Shipping Containers

A long, long time ago (umm...maybe 12 years I think) my husband had this crazy idea about buying shipping containers and building a small cabin out of them. They were cheap, easily transportable, and with a little imagination you could transform them into a cool cabin. We never got the opportunity to turn his crazy idea into reality, but we have seen plenty of people do just this.

The following is via Dwell:

Adjacent to a small cottage on more than three acres in Topanga, California, stands a home addition that architect Christof Jantzen created from five shipping containers. He gutted the cabin and installed a small new kitchen and bath before adding the containers, which increased the size of the house by another 800 square feet. 

LOVE it. I also love the plywood flooring - what a great idea/alternate to plank flooring. Wonder on the cost though...might need to do some research!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to School Frenzy

I am in the back-to-school-frenzy-zone!

I'm like this:

But I really need to channel this Mom:

I'm freaked-out not in the school supply-get uniforms-sign up for extra-curricular activities type frenzy. Nope, I am already all organized in that frenzy department. I'm talking about the last-days-with-my-5yr-old-no-more-little-baby type back-to-school-frenzy! I'm frantically trying to organize the back-to-school teacher gift, the last sweet-baby photo session and choose just the right outfits, organize the last day of freedom fun day (she chose movie and cheesecake - wise, wise child!). Trying to organize the sign for the first-day-of-school photo. Trying to find the perfect devotion for our morning prayer. You know, that kind of frenzy!

It is so strange how it can just hit you all of a sudden, then the panic sets in (I'LL NEVER GET IT ALL DONE AND I'LL BE THE WORST MOM EVER). I know I'm going to cry (because I've already started). I just want it to be special for both my girls (one starts kindergarten, the other 3yr old class) and something we can continue/ evolve into our yearly tradition. Oh, the's not too bad - HAHAHAHAHA (you know, that crazy half-mad Mom laugh)!

So, anyway, here is what I have so far:

The first-day-of-school-sign (via - this is just such a great idea and SO SIMPLE to do. This is my version:

Teachers gift is also via, but here is my version (it includes color washable markers, cute little paperclips, sticky notes and pretty black pens, a photo holder, holding the note, and, of course, pretty flowers):

The girls picked out their colors and my 3yr old helped me put it all together (what a great helper she is).

Tomorrow morning we will head out for our photo shoot. And here is some inspiration for my photo session:

Maybe a little this?

Definitely this - I know where the perfect wall is :)

Oh, and the Back-to-school fairy! Have you heard of her? What a sweet little idea -BTSF leaves little back-to-school-themed gift at front door/ at bedroom door/ in kid's backpack a day or two (or three) before school starts - just makes the starting school thing a whole lot more sweeter! Our BTSF likes brown paper bags, a little note of "congrats on starting school", and a few little school supplies and cute t-shirt (slightly adjusted with the help of the crafty fairy). (And, just as a side note, do you know how hard it is to shop with your kids and "hide" things in the cart so they don't see it - IT.IS.NOT.EASY!)

Must get off computer now - have a million, zillion things to do...with my kids :)

Whimsical Home Projects - Wreath Bird Bath

I saw this on Family Fun:

Thought it would be perfect for our garden, especially considering how hot it is at the moment - those little birdies need some water! I did mine a little differently (see below) or you can click on any of the links (or photo) above to see how Family Fun did it.

I bought a 12 inch wreath from Hobby Lobby. The plastic saucer is from Lowes (they didn't have any color ones). The string is from WalMart, from the hobby aisle. I was going to use hot glue, but decided that it wouldn't really work - so just ignore the hot glue :)

First, I laid out my strings that will support the saucer, and cut all to same length.

Next I threaded the string through some of the wreath at each side, and tied.

I laid the saucer in there to make sure all the strings were even, and adjusted the strings until it made the saucer sit level in the wreath. I ended up having to use a 10 inch saucer - it was either 10 inch or 12 inch, and the 12 inch just didn't fit.

Two long strings tied off at the sides for the hanger.

Once in the tree, I adjusted the hanger strings to get the wreath level. I have an extra piece of string attached to the hanger strings then tied around the branch. I then tied a knot on the top to keep it sturdy. Fill with water.

Since the saucer is not attached to anything, it is easy to remove and clean. Remember to clean regularly and change water often, so the birdies don't get sick. Now just need to wait for the birds to come :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Totally Awesome Interiors - Kitchen

I'm rethinking my kitchen. Whilst I would LOVE an all white kitchen, gray granite counters and backsplash, dark wood floors, I just don't think it is going to fly with the husband. First, he doesn't want to do anything, second, he does not like painted furniture, and third, my dream kitchen would be too expensive :(

So now to Plan B:

1. Work with what I have - wood cabinets, stainless steel appliances...umm, that's all I want to keep
2. Find colors to match what I have - wood + copper + black + slate + dark tile floor + cream/soft yellowy color????
3. Find inexpensive update options


Love the "found" element to these pieces of furniture - still compliments, but doesn't match.

Source: via Kathryn on Pinterest

LOVE the light over the sink - this is perfect for my sink too!

Flooring options. Light:

or dark:

Dark floors + paint color for walls + stainless steel appliances=

Source: via Kathryn on Pinterest

Stove - copper + stone:

Source: via Kathryn on Pinterest

Or slate backsplash:

Source: via Kathryn on Pinterest

Wood Countertops - pretty and inexpensive (IKEA):

And, finally, just a beautiful window and door leading to an outside patio area - just perfect!

Wonderful Garden & Outdoor Delights - The Garden Path

The Garden Path:

Image from Sunset Magazine

Image from

Image from Better Homes and Gardens

Image from Better Homes and Gardens

Image from

Image from

Image from Better Homes and Gardens

Image from Better Homes and Gardens

Image from Better Homes and Gardens