Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to School Frenzy

I am in the back-to-school-frenzy-zone!

I'm like this:

But I really need to channel this Mom:

I'm freaked-out not in the school supply-get uniforms-sign up for extra-curricular activities type frenzy. Nope, I am already all organized in that frenzy department. I'm talking about the last-days-with-my-5yr-old-no-more-little-baby type back-to-school-frenzy! I'm frantically trying to organize the back-to-school teacher gift, the last sweet-baby photo session and choose just the right outfits, organize the last day of freedom fun day (she chose movie and cheesecake - wise, wise child!). Trying to organize the sign for the first-day-of-school photo. Trying to find the perfect devotion for our morning prayer. You know, that kind of frenzy!

It is so strange how it can just hit you all of a sudden, then the panic sets in (I'LL NEVER GET IT ALL DONE AND I'LL BE THE WORST MOM EVER). I know I'm going to cry (because I've already started). I just want it to be special for both my girls (one starts kindergarten, the other 3yr old class) and something we can continue/ evolve into our yearly tradition. Oh, the's not too bad - HAHAHAHAHA (you know, that crazy half-mad Mom laugh)!

So, anyway, here is what I have so far:

The first-day-of-school-sign (via - this is just such a great idea and SO SIMPLE to do. This is my version:

Teachers gift is also via, but here is my version (it includes color washable markers, cute little paperclips, sticky notes and pretty black pens, a photo holder, holding the note, and, of course, pretty flowers):

The girls picked out their colors and my 3yr old helped me put it all together (what a great helper she is).

Tomorrow morning we will head out for our photo shoot. And here is some inspiration for my photo session:

Maybe a little this?

Definitely this - I know where the perfect wall is :)

Oh, and the Back-to-school fairy! Have you heard of her? What a sweet little idea -BTSF leaves little back-to-school-themed gift at front door/ at bedroom door/ in kid's backpack a day or two (or three) before school starts - just makes the starting school thing a whole lot more sweeter! Our BTSF likes brown paper bags, a little note of "congrats on starting school", and a few little school supplies and cute t-shirt (slightly adjusted with the help of the crafty fairy). (And, just as a side note, do you know how hard it is to shop with your kids and "hide" things in the cart so they don't see it - IT.IS.NOT.EASY!)

Must get off computer now - have a million, zillion things to do...with my kids :)

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  1. You are so good Kathryn. I'm getting teary-eyed just reading this. Love the teacher gifts. Hang in there.