Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Transcendent Architecture - Shipping Containers

A long, long time ago (umm...maybe 12 years I think) my husband had this crazy idea about buying shipping containers and building a small cabin out of them. They were cheap, easily transportable, and with a little imagination you could transform them into a cool cabin. We never got the opportunity to turn his crazy idea into reality, but we have seen plenty of people do just this.

The following is via Dwell:

Adjacent to a small cottage on more than three acres in Topanga, California, stands a home addition that architect Christof Jantzen created from five shipping containers. He gutted the cabin and installed a small new kitchen and bath before adding the containers, which increased the size of the house by another 800 square feet. 

LOVE it. I also love the plywood flooring - what a great idea/alternate to plank flooring. Wonder on the cost though...might need to do some research!

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