Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Terrific Tot Tasks

Lesson Plan: Body -
The girls selected arms to look at today:

And we sang the hokey pokey - the arm part :)

Craft: Moon Sand

Lesson Plan: Family - We picked cousin Madeline, since it is so close to her birthday!

Basically, our plan is to talk about each family member - who they are, look at photos, what is their relationship to the girls, etc so they get a good idea of what a family is and who is in their family. It is hard being so far away from much of our family, so I think this is a really important exercise to remain connected to them. Oh, I'm all misty eyed :(

Craft: Painted Rocks
We are going to paint a cute little rock family to go with our lesson plan, but here are a couple of other cute ideas:

Lesson Plan: Weather - Clouds

Go to Weather Wiz Kids for great info on clouds

We also googled images of clouds:

And went outside to wish for some clouds ;)

Craft: Toilet Roll Art

Source: via Kathryn on Pinterest

Lesson Plan: Days - learning the days of the week.

Craft: Kids Tent

or this one

Lesson Plan: Dance

Craft: Pink Tutu

Lesson Plan: Collage
Just like this cute one:

Craft: Treasure Hunt Bottle
How do you keep kids entertained for a while in the car on a long, long journey (without everyone going crazy)??

Prepare this one ahead of time.  Use a large soda bottle or a large clean peanut butter jar. Fill it no more than 2/3 full  with uncooked rice or birdseed. Then put in about 20-25 small objects (safety pin, plastic bugs, button, M&M, nut, bolt, paper clip, penny, bead, piece of macaroni, tiny lego, and other misc. toy pieces or stuff that is probably rolling around in your kitchen junk drawer.)  Keep a count of the items and write down the number of items on the outside of the bottle. Put the lid on tight (super-glue it if necessary).   Let the kids take turns rolling the bottle around in their hands until they find them all. Kids of all ages love this game.  You can make more than one treasure bottle so kids don't have to take turns - put different items in different bottles.

Lesson Plan: Spanish

Craft: Stars in Jar - glow paint in a mason jar - ummm...SO COOL! I don't even care about the kids on this one, I'm doing it for myself (or the kid in me - hehehe!).

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