Tuesday, October 15, 2013

31 Days to a Happier Life - Day 15


Celebrate events in your life - like birthdays, and new babies, and anniversaries. They are important.

New Bike.

It seems like these days that no one really celebrates this stuff anymore. A new baby comes along and everyone is like ho-hum about it. Do you know how hard it is to make a baby??!! Babies are amazing and should be celebrated and showered with love. And the baby's parents should be congratulated. It IS a big deal! A new life for this little being. A new adventure for this little (or big) family. It is a true blessing, for sure.

Celebrate birthdays! Today is my little sister's birthday. We gave her a present (hopefully Mum remembered to give it to her!). The girls made a sweet birthday video for her. And I sent her a lovely message (although she may not have thought it was that lovely since I outed her age...oops...she still loves me). We just wish we could actually be there to give her a big hug, bake her a cake, and see her face as she unwrapped our present. But we still celebrated.

Celebrate anniversaries. First dates. Wedding anniversaries. Engagements.

Celebrate Valentine's Day (you don't have to buy anything) - it is just a good day to celebrate love.

Celebrate Sundays, and first days of work.

Celebrate graduations and academic achievements.

Celebrate a new house, a new puppy, a new car.

The little things matter. The big things matter.

As soon as you stop letting them mean anything, everything stops meaning anything, and life becomes one big drag, with no ups, nothing to look forward to, or no unexpected surprises.

We celebrate because it is an expression of love. And to have love we need to share love. So show the people we love that we care enough to celebrate their triumphs, their achievements, because they matter to them.

So let things matter, and celebrate them.

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