Monday, October 21, 2013

31 Days to a Happier Life - Day 20

Being pretty. Part 2.

In the last post we discussed being pretty on the inside, and how that radiates outwards to make you beautiful on the outside. An all important issue, especially these days when confidence in our kids is hitting an all time low. All kids need to be made to feel special, and loved, and beautiful. Think about their strong points and highlight them regularly. My youngest is so sweet and says the sweetest, kindest things to me that make me feel so loved. So I tell her she is the sweetest kid in the world. My oldest is a great helper, and such a good kid. So I tell her she is my best helper ever, and is such a good example to her little sister. It makes them so happy to hear such things, and makes them want to do it more.

It is important to highlight each others good features. To talk about them. Compliment them. Reinforce them, often. It makes the recipient feel good about themselves. Makes them feel confident in who they are, and makes them feel loved.

It is often the one thing that goes overlooked. Think about it in these terms - What is my husband good at? What is his best personality feature? This week, I'm going to think about him, write down a list of good things about him, and pick out a few to compliment him on. It will make him feel good, loved and thought about, and it will bring my focus back to someone I love. 

Then, the next week, it could be your sister, or your Mom, or your best friend. I think it would be fun to pick one person each week to focus on, do something special for (maybe write them a sweet note, or send a little gift, or call to tell them you really appreciate their...?? whatever).

Spread the beauty.

Spread the love.

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