Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Terrific Tot Tasks

Lesson Plan: Nature/Animals
Koala - today we are looking at the lovable Koala - native to Australia, eats gum (eucalyptus) leaves, has long sharp claws used to climb trees. Adorable things:

Craft: 4th July Banner (Happy 4th July!!)

Lesson Plan: Manners(click on the picture to expand out for more information)

Craft: Popsicles (YUMMO!)

Lesson Plan: Science

Craft: Mailbox - this one is via Pinterest - we made a simpler version.

Lesson Plan: Writing - practicing writing words today - uppercase and lowercase.

Craft: Feet Painting - Penguin

Lesson Plan: Game - their pick - SpongeBob dominos - LOL!

Craft: Sun Hand-print Craft

Lesson Plan: Cooking - cooking Eggs and Pancakes for breakfast with the kids helping cracking the eggs and mixing. They love to watch things cook in the pan - make sure you keep kids way back from the stove if you do this!

Craft: Pinwheels

Lesson Plan: Color - Blue - painting the blue sky today :)

Craft: Tiaras - this is an example vie Pinterest - looks like lots of fun!

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