Monday, July 18, 2011

Satisfying Organization - Cupboard


This was the cupboard in the girls' bathroom/spare bathroom - C.R.A.Z.Y! I hated opening the door, and trying to find anything - agghhh! So it was time to finally get it organized. Basically, up on the top shelf are the spare linens/ towels/ blankets, medicine, cleaning products (up high out of the kids' reach). On lower shelf - girls' towels, my hairdryer, bath products.


I used a couple of containers I already had - one is used to store the bath products up on the top shelf (don't want the girls getting into the shampoo) and another to store the medicines. All spare linen and towels are stored towards the back of the top shelf.

Girls' towels and guest towels now neatly on bottom, plus my hair dryer.

Up on top shelf - cleaning products, and medicines in container (the container makes it easy to get down and yet also hides what is in there, so it looks neater in the cupboard).

Top shelf also has toothpaste and brushes, toilet paper and bath products.

Overall, much more organized. Everything has a place, is in its place, looks good, and, thankfully, I'm not so stressed out when I open this cupboard! I find that proper organization needs to be done after you have considered the problem, planned out a solution that will work for you and how you operate, then do it! This works, and has for awhile now, because everything is easily accessible. I literally drew out a plan of the cupboard, took note of what was in there, then drew up a new plan of what I wanted in there and where it would go. This also helps to figure out what will fit where. Next, pull everything out, sort it out, clean the cupboard, throw out the trash, donation the stuff you don't use, then put back everything else - DONE! :)

Start with just one drawer or one cupboard and go from there. Organization comes so much more easily when you have somewhere to put your stuff, where you can find it again.

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