Friday, July 8, 2011

Fantastic Photography - Days 1 to 7

I have taken on the 30 day photo challenge, as posted last week - see here. It has been fun and rewarding. It challenges the creative process, sparks the imagination and (hopefully) helps improve my skills. So here are my first weeks results:

DAY 1 - Self Portrait (actually taken on my iPhone)

DAY 2 - Your Favorite Shoes (couldn't decide, so I have two)

DAY 3 - Hands (both are of my daughters' hands - the first one was my 5yr old's idea - a bird - how cool!)

DAY 4 - Clouds

This was taken a while ago, when we were on the road from LA to Santa Fe. First one was taken by me, the second by my Mom, taking a photo of me taking the first photo! Whew, that was confusing. We haven't seen many clouds lately here in Texas - wish we did - it is HOT!

DAY 5 - Breakfast Today

DAY 6 - Books

DAY 7 - High Angle
The Grand Canyon - can you get a higher angle?? This trip was one of the best trips E.V.E.R. My parents and my kids all together - we had a blast and saw so much beautiful country. Grand Canyon and Sedona our definite favorites!

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