Saturday, July 2, 2011

Simply Sewing - Dress for a Wedding

I found a cute little dress for my youngest in a local consignment store - great price and perfect for an upcoming wedding we are attending. Unfortunately, they didn't have anything matching or even close for my 5yr old, so I thought I would just make something in a similar pink.

This is the dress I bought from the consignment store:

The only change I made was to add some little green flowers to either side of the pink flower.

Off to the fabric store I go (Joann's) and lo-and-behold I stumble (literally) over the same fabric. It was lying out in one of the aisles - F.A.T.E. I tell you! So now I get to make a similar style dress and they will match = one happy mama!

I'm using Simplicity New Look Pattern #6577, View D (which is the one on the bottom row, on the left):

I am making the skirt a little longer, which is really easy to do on this pattern as the skirt is basically just a rectangle. I added 3.5 inches to the bottom hemline.

Here is the dress I made:

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