Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sensational Lake House - Painting

Finally got the paint we needed to paint our lake place. Painted it the only way we know how - in 100 degree weather on Sunday afternoon in one hit! The color I got was a lot lighter than the previous color we painted it, but we like it a whole lot better - looks nice and clean. I think it would look great with white shutters - will have to try to convince the hubby! We also painted over the (horrible) brown trim - looks so much better all the one color - why highlight the ugly features when you don't really have to!?? Finally have some pictures too:

(Unable to find a before photo at press time - will try to for another post).


So we have now completed two major tasks - staining the deck and repainting the house. What's up next you ask? Well, unfortunately we need to get rid of one, maybe two trees that are right next to the trailer - we are so worried they are going to come down on us that we prefer to have them gone for peace of mind. Hate to get rid of these beautiful trees, but they would kill us if they came down, and we have two baby girls to take into consideration too! Safety first!

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