Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Marvelously Mad Fitness - Yoga

On same schedule as last week - thankfully it is working - I'm down 6lbs!! WOOT!

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The one thing I am most grateful for "finding" and practicing on a regular basis is Yoga. Before, I was never into it. I think I tried it years (and years) ago and came away with the impression that it was just a little too weird for me. But I tried it again (this time a different type of yoga) and was really surprised how much it helped relieve pain in my back (a constant since childhood) and how hard it really was (you really develop great looking muscles doing yoga). So I decided to take some classes and I was hooked! LOVE it!

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Now, I have a number of different DVDs - Rodney Yee is great for beginners. Denise Austin is also good to transition into it. When you practice yoga on a regular schedule you will be so surprised how your body changes and becomes stronger. The stronger it becomes the more possible it becomes to do the more difficult poses. This is so encouraging and, I think, the addictive part. It is empowering, soothing, strengthening, relaxing, restoring. It makes you more aware of your body and your world. It is not a religion - although I do tend to reflect on my religious views when I am doing it - thanking God for this wonderful gift of Yoga in my life, thankful that it is helping me find some relief from pain.

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Yoga Journal is a fantastic publication and website that has so much awesome information on yoga. Here is one simple exercise to start you on your yoga path:

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