Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lake Plans

We did a lot of tidy-up work at our lake place this long Memorial Day weekend. We now have our plans in place to repaint our place and finish staining the deck. All very necessary, although slightly boring (sorry hubby!), sooooo...... I still like to dream up a few exciting projects for after all the boring maintenance, but totally necessary chores!

It is SO funny I found this picture TODAY of all days. I have had this idea in my head FOREVER. Constructed one, then decided I wanted to make it bigger, so, of course it sat there for ages, all because I needed more besser blocks and could never find the perfect time to go to the store to get them. 

Better Homes & Gardens

So finally my husband "convinces" me to pull it apart so he can make this (we have never seen these pictures before!):  

Better Homes & Gardens

Although we only constructed one section I think it would look great to add more like this:

Better Homes & Gardens

I would like to add in a few very low-maintenance plants, like these:

Better Homes & Gardens

I love the casual feel of this sitting area - this would be great around our fire pit/grill:
Better Homes & Gardens

And I love this string of lights - would look fantastic under the trees:
Apartment Therapy

But first I MUST order the paint and buy more stain and come back to reality just for a few more weeks, then I'm off again dreaming up more things to annoy my husband with to do :)

 Oh, and of course I have no photos of our place to show you - BLAH to me! - I guess we were just too busy, but promise next time I will.

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