Thursday, May 26, 2011

Girls' Bedroom - Before

I have started to work on the girls' bedroom. I finally gave in and sold the cot so I could move my 2 (almost 3yr old) to the toddler bed (she never did learn how to climb out of her crib), and my 4 (almost 5yr old) to a "big girl" bed. I think my 4yr old had outgrown the toddler bed, as she was making her way into our bed EVERY night. It was looking at little uncomfortable for her. (She has slept in her new bed every night since we bought it - :) success!!). And my 2yr old is as proud-as-punch about getting her own version of a "big girl" bed. My only fear was that she is the early riser, and sure enough, she is the one that comes in and wakes us EVERY morning! Sometimes she gets in and cuddles and goes back to sleep (which is super cute), other times...well, I guess that is to be expected.

So anyway, back to the room. I have a few inspirations of what I would like the room direction to go, but firstly, for this post, here are the before photos (but after the cot was replaced by the big bed).

Over the next number of posts I'll describe my inspiration, how I'll incorporate them into our room, the lists of things to do, how I did them, where I sourced stuff, and the final reveal - exciting stuff here people!

So, the BEFORE:

So, as you can see, there is a lot of stuff going on in here. I really need to clear out the clutter, reorganize, and simplify. Next post will show my inspiration :)

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