Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Girls' Bedroom - List

OK, here we go - please don't freak out - most of this list is little things that can be done quickly. Lists are also great to give to a starting point, and a finishing point! And, of course, can easily be changed along the way ;)


* Paint dresser
* Distress edges on dresser
* Seal dresser
* Put on drawer hardware
* Clean inside drawers
* Buy paper for inside of dresser drawers
* Decoupage inside of dresser drawers
* Move old dresser out of room
* Move to new dresser into room
* Put clothes into drawers

* Paint bedside table
* Distress edges on bedside table
* Seal bedside table
* Put on bedside table hardware
* Clean inside drawers
* Buy paper for inside of bedside table drawers
* Decoupage inside of bedside table drawers
* Move to room
* Put clothes into drawers

* Paint headboard
* Distress edges on headboard
* Seal headboard
* Secure on to bedframe
* Iron bedskirt
* Put onto bed
* Put on quilt and new pillow sham
* Make more pillows for bed 
* Decoupage or disguise bed (instead of painting it)
* Make quilt for bed
* Make pillows for bed

(the kids pulled down the curtain and, subsequently, pulled out the curtain rod fixture!) 
* Fix holes in wall
* Sand and repaint
* repaint curtain hardware from black to distressed white
* Put up new curtain fixture/rod
* Clean window inside and out
* Iron Pottery Barn sheer curtains and put up
* Reorder more white minky material for curtains (how annoying - I didn't order enough first time - grrrr, at myself!)
* Make minky white curtains with black-out backing (one kid still has daytime nap, and I really want that to continue FOREVER. Well. OK, maybe not forever, but how about for the next 7 years! OK. maybe just 2 more years.)

* Paint picture frames pink and frame horse pics
* Paint shadow boxes white and frame baby dresses
* Make bible verses for each girl
* Re-do initials
* Accumulate accessories from antique stores/Goodwill for room
* Move pictures around to suit new furniture arrangement
* Place ballerinas on dresser
* Make or buy another pink shade for second lamp
* Make flags for wall
* Make flower wreath mobile

I have done a few things, as you can see, but still a lot more to go! OK - I think I'm about to pass out, and all I have done it make up the list - aaggghhhhh.....

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  1. Can't wait to see all the pictures! It will be great and they will love it.