Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Shoe Area

Found a great seat at Ross - just perfect to store our shoes that we use most often, and perfect place to sit the girls to put their shoes on.

Originally the shoes were housed in a box in the kitchen bookcase. You would have to get the shoes then decide where to sit to put them on, which for the kids was usually on the floor. I just wasn't too fond of them sitting on the floor, and didn't particularly like stooping over that far. So this was the perfect solution for us.

One reason I like to do this blog and post pictures is it gives you a different perspective of the room or area you are decorating. Things look so different in real life compared to in a photo, but the photo gives you a better overview and can show you what more you need to work on, or what works.

I think I still need to tweak the china cabinet, and I need some more art work up on another wall, that you can't see. But in general this area (our breakfast/dining area - since I converted the actual dining room into our playroom/my office) is looking a lot better/ more cozy/ homely.

I would also like to replace the light fixture - it is a little outdated and not our style. Need to repaint, if I can ever make a decision on what color to go for the kitchen redesign. I would really like to convince my husband to let me paint the kitchen cabinets white, go with a .... well I guess that really should be another post :)

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