Thursday, May 19, 2011

Latest Art Piece

I remembered I had this lovely picture from an old calendar hiding in my drawers somewhere, and thought it would be perfect for an art piece for my bathroom, to complement the old key piece I did recently.

I also had the perfect frame - a Goodwill find. So after a little searching, a little inspiration, and just a few quick minutes of construction, here it is:

1. Measure picture and work out positioning in the frame.

2. I framed the picture with pages from A Midsummer Night's Dream, so I cut out the pages and taped and glued them in place (taped where it wouldn't show, and glued where the page was the top page).

3. Trim the excess so it is same size as the backing, so it will fit into the frame.

4. Position it all inside the (newly cleaned) frame :)

I know my photos are crazy - I'm trying to work out how to get them looking right, so please bear with me ;)

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