Thursday, May 26, 2011

Girls' Bedroom - Inspiration

The two main sources I have for inspiration for the girls' room are Restoration Hardware and Jones Design Company.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE everything from both these sites. Restoration Hardware is a store - beautiful furniture and accessories - I would fill my house with their items if I could! It is a little pricey, but I'm sure it would be worth it. Their photos are so beautifully shot, FULL of lots of inspiration, and things you could easily copy at home yourself.

Jones Design Company is a decorating/craft/design blog. Emily Jones is a designer of stationery {and other things} and a business owner. She has a beautiful blog FULL of awesome tutorials, giveaways and beautiful decorating ideas.

From Restoration Hardware I chose this room, for its neutral walls, and simple but sweet soft pink-ness! It is not over-bearingly pink that it will permanently disturb my husband, but just enough to satisfy my pink-loving girls.

I also really like the soft gray furniture, but think I will paint mine white instead. I think it would be a little more versatile in white. We have a twin bed and a toddler bed. I have bought headboards at a local second-hand store, which I will also paint white. I'm currently working on a big set of drawers, and a bedside table that will sit in between the two beds. I don't think I will have room for any shelves - I think it will look to cramped in there, but we shall see. My headboards look more like these, but no footboards:

The bedding I will keep in that soft pink, and I found some at Target - the Shabby Chic collection - Simply Shabby Chic Ruffle Jersey Sheet Set - Pink (Twin). I also bought the matching bed skirt from the Shabby Chic collection.  For the quilt I went for a slightly darker pink - it was $30 (Circo Basic Quilt Set) compared to the $90 Shabby Chic coverlet. It is light enough for summer, and then I will layer it with soft blankets for winter. I also bought a contrasting pillow cover from Shabby Chic - a standard quilt sham (sorry, I cannot find it on-line for a link) - I just couldn't resist! If you are looking for well-priced bedding also keep checking Ross, TJMaxx and HomeGoods - all excellent sources for awesome quality bedding at discounted prices.

I'm going to frame a couple of sweet baby dresses from the girls in shadowboxes, and I am also doing a little collection of pink painted frames with horses in them - both girls LOVE ponies!

From Jones Design Company, I love her little girl's nursery room:


I love how she brought the antique elements into the little girl's room - they look so sweet and give the room depth and history. I'm going to try to redo the girls' name - maybe frame their names like Emily has done, or maybe just rework their initials. I also LOVE the bible verse - this will be incorporated into their room and I'm thinking I will take her lead with the lamp print she did for her office - the relationship of their name to the bible - awesome! I also love the pillows and plan to make lots of lovely pillows for the girls' room. I would love to do a chandelier but it gets kind of hot here in Texas and I think we need to keep the fan. Maybe I can jazz it up a bit?? Mmmmmmm..... :)

OK, so there you have it. This is my starting point. Next post will be THE LIST. And good grief, what a list it is - I'm already exhausted just thinking about it!

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