Thursday, June 2, 2011

Super Super Day

My work day started at 8:00am this morning...well, in stay-at-home-Mom mode that really means that was the time I was woken from my sweet-but-far-too-little-slumber. I kind of thought today would be one of those days where I achieve nothing...well, not nothing, but you know, not much of any real substance that I can validate my existence with to my husband this evening. BUT, I was so pleasantly surprised when I kicked it into high gear and off I went - WoooHoooo! (with kids in tow, of course!).

1. Went to Moms meeting for brief stop to vote in end of year elections and drop off sweet free offerings (i.e. get rid of baby gear we no longer need).

2. Got pulled over by nice Policeman - was very polite (me, not necessarily him) - although I didn't technically do anything wrong (that's what they all say??) - no, actually it was my car! This car is a cop-magnet! Agghhh - it is dragging me down into criminal behavior (sort-of). Okay, I confess, my brake light was out, but really, why do I always get pulled over? Getting to where I'm a bit paranoid now every time I drive ("Wonder what's going to happen today", "What trouble will this car get me into now?", "Nice car, nice car!"). Okay, back to story - funny thing is that while policeman was looking up my information I text my husband to find out what to do about the brake light. He was on the freeway above me stuck in traffic, sees me, calls me and is like "What did you do now? Why have you been pulled over again!" - totally freaked me out - hahaha, but funny!

3. Went and got both brake lights replaced (oh, forgot to mention, I got off with warning because I was so polite! SCORE, for the good girl!) and car washed (hehehe - although this does tend to freak the kids out when I drive through the car wash).

4. Lowes - favorite store No.1 - bought paint, roller, paint tray, sandpaper, reflective numbers, oh, and drop cloths, and number & letter stencils (they were in the number section) - AWESOME! Half these items will be used as originally intended, half not so much ;)

5. Hobby Lobby - favorite store No.2 - what's not to like about this store - I can waste hours spend good quality time in this store any day any time! Umm.. bought scrapbook paper 50% OFF! Woot! And a few other little things...

6. WalMart - got to eat! (eventually...well the kids have to eat).

7. Kids did great - that is a lot to do in a morning, so when we finally got home, they had their lunch (me a protein shake - hey, summer is almost here and I have a lot of work to do before I can enjoy it!) I gave them a treat. Ice-cream in a cone! Okay - I know that sounds like wow, really, yippee - but to them it is more like WOOOOOWWWWWWW, YIPPPPEEEEE!!! cause they never have it (well, only rarely, and never during the day).

8. So now here I am typing this, have to put the groceries away, and finish painting girls' drawers and really want to do one fun thing with the kids today - something that I saw on Pinterest (gosh, SO ADDICTED).

So after this very long post I will sign off - I know I really wanted to make two points in here - one about office design (for my husband's office) and the other about the fun thing I want to do with the kids, but I've run out of steam and desperately need chocolate!

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