Monday, June 27, 2011

Munchy Mouthwatering Recipes

I am trying to get organized enough to have a weekly recipe plan for all of our meals. It needs to be something easy to follow, but varied enough so as not to get bored. This also helps organize what needs to be "put out" of the freezer the night before, and what needs to go on the grocery list.

So this is a basic plan I have come up with - tried to have a healthy balance - lots of fruit and veggies for the kids (and us too). We use all whole wheat products (bread, pasta, etc) and most of our veggies come from our garden :) Our diet tends to also be high-fiber - good for you, for weight-maintenance and proper functioning. LOL! Everything is also low sugar - reacts with my kids in not a good way! We have also incorporated a Meatless Monday - we do tend to eat a lot of meat, as we both grew up on the staple meat-&-veg diet - old habits are hard to break, even if they are boring!

Each week I'll share some of our favorite recipes - very family-friendly and easy to make (believe me I am no chef! or even a good cook - I love recipes but hate cooking - yes, bizarre!). We always eat dinner together as a family, even if husband can't always make it. I always make sure at least the three of us sit together, grace said, manners adhered to (most of the time), and must try everything on their plates at least twice. If everyone (and that means everyone) finishes all their dinner then we get dessert - makes it a team effort.

Breakfast: Cereal

Lunch: Sandwich & Fruit

Snack: Smoothie

Dinner: Meatless Monday - Vegetarian Pizza

Breakfast: Yogurt and Fruit

Lunch: Pasta & Veggie - Leftover Vegetarian Pizza

Snack: Fruit - Banana critter (via Pinterest) - this is so cute how could your kid resist!

From Little Page Turners
Pretzel sticks

Cut banana into segments and stick together using pretzel stick. Stick grape head on using pretzel sticks.

Dinner: Meat & Veg

Breakfast: Eggs & Toast

Lunch: Beans & Fruit

Snack: Cheese stick

Dinner: Chicken

Breakfast: Pancakes

Lunch: Sandwich & Yoghurt

Snack: Pudding & Fruit

Dinner: Fish

Breakfast: Yoghurt & Fruit & Toast

Lunch: Pizza & Veggie

Snack: Fruit & Cereal Snack Bag

Dinner: Takeout or leftovers

Breakfast: Eggs

Lunch: Beans & Yoghurt

Snack: Cheese

Dinner: Family Dinner

Breakfast: Cereal

Lunch: Sandwich & Fruit

Snack: Cookie

Dinner: Leftovers

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