Friday, February 25, 2011

My Lucky Finds

It was one of those mornings - I was on a mission. I wasn't really sure what kind of mission, but I was on it, nevertheless! I dropped the girls to school, did some quick errands then headed to Goodwill, and a couple of local consignment and thrift stores to see what I might see.
As soon as I walked into one store I saw HER! Oh, man, this was fate. How beautiful is she, and the price was AWESOME! The store had a sweet little vignette set up with her as the star. I also purchased the gold frame. I should have also purchased the old books as well, but I think I was at my limit for the day.
DOUGH BOWL!! Found it too - the same morning. I think I paid about $30 for it - SCORE!! I can't remember where - it is all a blur now. I think I was shopping drunk! Oh, and the cobbler's shoe - oh, the perfect morning - I never wanted it to end.

The two vases were from Goodwill - both perfect for my kitchen.



Oh, be still my beating heart...

And in the room... I still need to find a little pile of old books, but the feel is perfect. Finally the bedroom is coming together :)

Lots more tweeking to do, some new artwork, maybe covers for the ottomans, etc, etc, etc, etc - where does it end!!! (love it though)

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