Thursday, February 3, 2011

The key to my heart...

Stuck inside for the third day due to huge ice storm here in North Texas!! We have made a tent, had lunch inside it, read lots of books, started Valentines, and painted lots of beautiful paintings.

But today it was my turn to do a craft! This was my inspiration (not 100% sure where this came from - Jones Design Company?? Please let me know if you know!) Found the source of this image - My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia:

For my Restoration Hardware inspired (kids/spare) bathroom:

Here is my version:


I purchased the frame from Goodwill for $3 (and was very surprised when I got home to find it had the glass in it - I thought it just had the cardboard backing). I purchased some burlap from Hobby Lobby, the keys came from Urban Farmgirl's Etsy Store and I already had the mounting (probably purchased from Hobby Lobby or Joann). I just stapled the material onto the cardboard and hot glued the key onto the material, put it all back into the frame, and WELLA! All up it probably cost me about $10 to make (if that!). AWESOME :)

Still a few little things to do in there, like line the laundry basket and get one more knob for the cupboard (pretty pink "glass" ones from Hobby Lobby), and maybe a white cabinet to go by the sink for more storage, but so close and it looks lovely :)


  1. Love this! So pretty and classy. Great project.

  2. Did you have any problem fitting the thick key into the frame? I've been wanting to do this with some old keys I have, but I wasn't sure if I'd need a shadowbox frame or if a regular would do. Looks great!!

  3. Micki - thought I was going to have a problem but I used flexible cardboard for the mounting, wrapped the burlap around it and stapled around the edge to secure it, and it all fit perfectly into the frame. The backing on the frame was also flexible cardboard, so maybe this helped it all fit in. Also my key wasn't really too bulky or big. Hope this helps. Thanks for your comment and following!

  4. I saw this too! I LURVE it, so gunna do it. Cute blog, i am now a friend. Check out my blog

  5. I love this, very cool - I am dying to do a key inspired thing... I just need to find a key :)