Thursday, February 24, 2011

Busts, Bowls and Old Books


 They seem to be popping up everywhere I look at the moment. I guess as soon as they make an appearance in a Pottery Barn catalog that happens. Beautiful, interesting, historic, unusual - take you pick!  (click on photos to take you to the link)

From Lonny Magazine  - so delicate - just gorgeous.

Pottery Barn - what a perfect jewelry holder.

From Pottery Barn - mini dress form - so cute.



 From Santos Cage Doll - here is something unique, a little eccentric, but beautiful too. I am so in love with everything on their site -! It will be difficult to decide what to save up for - the beautiful ethereal primitive dolls, the gorgeous regal crowns, or the precious angel wings.

Never knew what a dough bowl was until I read The Nester's post about them - Decorating with Dough Bowls. So I'm blaming her for my latest obsession!

 From Pottery Barn - so beautiful, a great versatile storage or display item. But a little expensive from PB for me.

They would look great on a huge farmhouse kitchen table filled with seasonal items - pine cones for winter, shells and blue glass for summer, small pumpkins for fall, succulents or pretty flowers for spring, or feathers, antlers and pebbles, fruit, candles, old locks and keys - the possibilities are endless!

From Pottery Barn.

Old Books

Old books offer such a wonderful spectrum of beautiful tones to match any decor.


And can provide the perfect balance of form and color in a vignette.

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