Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Behind closed doors

The Closet.

The forgotten room.

Big or small you can decorate your closet space so it inspires you. An organized closet will make you happy. A beautiful organized closet will make you want to get up in the morning, get dressed, ready to take on the world!!

I am really looking forward to dressing up my tiny little closet. Here is my inspiration, and some more ideas to get you inspired.
I LOVE LOVE this dressing area SO MUCH. I have been on the hunt for vintage fashion illustrations for over two months! I love the wallpaper too.

In lieu of illustrations I stumbled upon a very small black & white photo poster with the name Henry Clarke on it, so I went and googled him. First image I found has been an image I have been carrying around for EVER! I love love love this image so much. So classy, so beautiful. So I changed my direction a little and think I will go for framed black & white fashion photographs.

Henry Clarke images:



Other images:
My space is just big enough for a tiny little stool to sit on and contemplate what to wear.

I also need a pretty mirror on the wall - love the detail here.

Colors will include the blue I'm using in my bedroom, the soft gold from the bathroom and a deep chocolate brown. So wouldn't this rug be perfect!


Oh, and a little chandelier (love this closet too - so pretty).

Here are some more beautiful examples - some modest, some to dream the day away with! Enjoy :)

Eva Longoria's closet.


Mariah Carey's shoe closet - now that is an organized woman! I'm having some serious shoe envy too!

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