Friday, February 18, 2011

First Impressions

The front door of our house definitely needs some improvement. Currently it is a nice blue color, but desperately needs to be repainted and the blue doesn't match anything else on the house. So I have been doing some research, and some thinking as to what color to repaint it, to give it a spruce up!

Here it is as the blue door:

So now I need some inspiration:

Here is a very pretty blue door. Maybe  I don't even need to be changing colors?? It is so simple, elegant and fresh.

But then I am so drawn to a dark door - black, deep green or dark brown. But they got vetoed by the husband :(

Then I spotted this one - oh, so, pretty! And the color compliments our existing trim. I can freshen it all up with some white trimming, a new porch light, refinish the concrete, new mat, new house numbers, pretty welcoming plants/flowers in black pots (like the second "dark" door image) and hey, presto - a wonderful, welcoming first impression!

OK - I'm off to the store :)

Oh, and don't you think Punxsutawney Phil was right - doesn't this feel just like spring this week - gorgeous 70 - 80F degree weather - just perfect :)

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