Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What to Wear to Work Wednesday

I'm back to work part-time. And when I say part-time it really is only for a few hours one day a week at the office PLUS numerous hours per week at home. So the part-time bit is really just in reference to time I actually show my face to other adults... who work... in the real adult-working world...out there.

So, as a result, workout capris and a t-shirt are not really going to cut it. I need inspiration, and a major wardrobe overhaul! Hence this post - What to Wear to Work Wednesday!

Last week I was FREEZING in the office. How easy it is to forget all about the office environment, especially when the men outnumber the women! So I'll need layers, and lots of them! Maybe even sneak in my Ugg boots ;)

Here is {my} inspiration board (via Pinterest):

I love stripes, and have the perfect top. I'll pair it with a black cardigan/sweater thing. I can wear jeans to work (we work in a creative field). I have a slightly similar ring, black earrings, black bag and boots. I think this will work. Maybe I don't really need a wardrobe overhaul, just more ideas on how to pull it all together. LOVE pinterest for this! I'll see if I can get a pic of me - no guarantee I'll post it, but we will see ;)

P.S. Here it is...excuse the photos, etc, etc.

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