Monday, October 24, 2011

Foggy Days, A Little Homesick and True Blessings

Oh, my children are such a blessing from God. I know some days they test my patience. But then there are those times when they blow me away!

With the fog this morning, both girls were totally fascinated by it. Actually, I think it was the first time my 3yr old has seen it (or at least been old enough to register seeing it!).
{But, boy, did it make me homesick for Toowoomba (Australia) - missing my ma & pa! And the pretty town where I once lived, for what seems like a lifetime ago.}

Toowoomba -Fog on Road
image from

 Gymea lilly in the fog, Toowoomba, Qld. Australia by Marilyn Baldey
image from

So we were talking about it on our way to school - at first the girls were all about relating it to Halloween, and how the fog was spooky. I explained to them that fog is really just like a low cloud, so low that we can drive right through it. Then my 5yr old asked "Why does God make fog?". So for the next few minutes we talked about that, until she summarized it as follows:
"Fog is God showing His love for us, by letting the clouds down low enough, so the angels can come and kiss us."
(no words....)

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