Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Decorations

The kids are super excited about Halloween - they get to trick-or-treat properly this year since both are now old enough to know what it is! LOL! We managed to squeeze in a few small Halloween decorations. Wish I got more done, but seem to be SO busy lately! Too crazy!

My three year old LOVED the skeleton - or as she said - "that's the cutest baby skeleton ever!" Hmmm????

So Halloween night was eventful {to say the least!}. After picking up my oldest from school, we arrived home with enough time to relax, tidy up a little, before heading to a local church for their Fall Festival. I went to put something in the recycle bin, in the garage, when I discovered that the door would not open. It was stuck, kind of like it was locked but I could move the handle. So I pulled the door handle apart, but couldn't get the bolt out - it was COMPLETELY jammed. I am telling you that door was so lucky it had a steel core because by the end of it I was ready to rid it all apart! I had to give up. The girls were so disappointed at not being able to go to the Fall Festival {my car was stuck in the garage}, so I decided we would go trick-or-treating on our street instead. That was fun, although a little quiet.
We then headed down {walked} to a closer church for their trunk-or-treat. CRAZY! Felt like I was in a cattle candy feed line! The girls scored big but {unfortunately for them} won't really reap much of their harvest.
Back home we were all tired and hungry, but had to pull the door off at the hinges first - why? not sure - husband just seemed to think it was the most important issue to deal with first! Meanwhile, my 5 year old waited by the front door holding our candy bowl, waiting for trick-or-treaters! Thankfully we had one lot come by.
After dinner we got our groove on to a little Monster Mash - the girls were hilarious! That, and a little wine helped improve the day. In the end, my girls were happy, and that's all that really matters to me. I am thankful I don't have worse things to complain about. But I'm ready for a new start tomorrow :)

Happy Halloween!


  1. That little white ghost from the first picture looks so cute! Where did you get it?

    1. I've had it for a few years now...not sure where I got it from but probably from Target, TJMaxx or Hobby Lobby :)