Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Terrible Two's Tuesday

Double Trouble

Another great find at the local Goodwill. Knew these would be perfect for my little experiment. Hoping to spray paint them a blue, and really hoping I get a better result than the Thrifty Decor Chick did on her Goodwill vase.

Mmmmm, pretty pink and shiny brass!

I tried to unscrew it all so I could get the ceramic part out, but that ended up being WAY too difficult for this ADD person, so I just taped it off.

I spray painted with white Rust-Oluem spray paint first - they didn't have the blue I was looking for.

I let that dry over two days and the finish looks good so far :)


Next up - the blue!

Spray painted light coat to begin with, then went back about 10 minutes later for a second coat. I'm going to let this dry for a few days then do another coat.

So far, so goo, but will be keeping fingers crossed. Big reveal soon :)

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