Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Wreath

With all this beautiful weather lately here (although a little windy) I decided to get out and start tidying up the front yard. Lots of weeding and trying to rack up leaves (sorry, neighbors - it was a little windy and, um, those leaves just flew away too quickly for me...oopps!). Also got the Spring Wreath out and on the front door. Of course I still need to finish painting the front door, but that's for another day ;)

We made our Spring Wreath last April - following is the original post and how we did it!

A TV-free day today, so we had to think of something to occupy our time. The park this morning was great - wore out 2yr old for her nap! Now to occupy 4yr old for a little while - so we decided (well, actually I decided) to make our Spring wreath for the front door!

I purchased a 12" wreath form from Joann's, and some green "grass" knitting wool(? thread? stuff? :D) I purchased 2 balls of the green stuff! You also need flower ribbon and pins (in a color that match your flowers, so for example we used pink, white and red pins for our wreath).

To start I just tied the end onto the wreath form.

Now the fun begins - winding on the wool, around and around and around the form. My 4yr old started out strong, but was soon fatigued and decided drawing was more her style. So I picked up where she left off to carry it on for the team!

She kindly stopped her artwork to take a few photos of the craft project in action! Thanks G!

At the half-way mark I tied on a bow.

I already had some flower ribbon, but you can easily find this type of ribbon at the craft store. Just make sure you are able to cut individual flowers out, or, in my case, a few to pin onto the wreath.

We also had a butterfly to add, and that finishes out the wreath! All ready to hang on the door. This craft was so simple. The only thing was the winding of the wool that took a little time, but once you got started and got to see it "grow" it was so cool and I couldn't wait to see it finished.

{This is on the "blue door"}

Here it is now, on the yellow door plus some garden/flower photos (had fun testing out my new camera!)

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