Monday, March 14, 2011

Sweet 40

I cannot type today. At all. Maybe because I'm too old now. LOL!

I've hit the 4.0. so it is time to reflect back and try to think of my defining moments, or significant things... I don't know, it's such a long way back... ;)

First loves:


National Geographic. We had a few copies - some how managed to get a "free" subscription for awhile (it was expensive back then). Those copies were read, re-read, studied, tagged, and treasured!

After wanting to be a photographer F.O.R.E.V.E.R. I remember wanting to be a Naturalist (scientist - observes nature). Would have been cool, without all the science stuff, and being out there in the cold, and all ;) (or in the water with these things). But SO glad there are people that will do this, 'cause these images are awesome!

Then came Ancient History. I loved (love) Ancient History. We had a fantastic high school teacher - you could just tell she loved what she taught. And she was super cool, going on archaeological digs herself, traveling the world - awesome! Makes such a BIG difference when kids have great teachers - it inspires them to learn more, to go the extra step...just saying.





Of course Architecture came next. After studying for a couple of years, plus working for Architects for a few more years, I decided to love it and leave it. It's a passion, a love, but not my career. Sorry, but Architects (at least the ones I worked for) were too crazy for me!

Russell Hall Architects (Queensland)

Gaudi, Spain

Frank Lloyd Wright

Next installment tomorrow. This old bird is ready for bed!

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