Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wood Floors / Update

I realise I abruptly stopped at Day 3 of the wood floors project. I was SO worn out from all the work, plus trying to keep up with (real) work, and the laundry, and the kids...The blog was way last! But here is the latest:

We did finally finish getting the wood floors installed on the Friday - Day 5! I was trying to get some painting done while my in-laws were finishing off the floor (don't you love them! I do!). I still have not finished painting - it seems to be the gift that keeps on giving! Uggggg....enough already. And all the furniture is still not back in the room.

That week was exhausting - how my FIL coped I'll never know! It was hard on the ole knees.

Also, it was Spring Break here last week - the kids off plus me trying to paint is NOT a cool combination. Maybe when they are teenagers and don't give a hoot if I breathe, but right now they are all in my face, demanding my time - isn't that awesome! So I obliged :)

I will get photos up of the final reveal of the room. I have some awesome ideas, but, of course, that involves lots of energy and time (ugggg - maybe my 3yr old will lend me some of her energy??).  I will tell you one little thing - I bought lots of beautiful new fabric!!!!! So exciting!!!!

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