Friday, March 23, 2012

It's TWINS!! sorry...not that kind of twins. No, sorry - I'm done! But our backyard squirrel residents just had twins and they are ADORABLE!!! Here are some pics:

Testing it out

Mom or Dad hanging out at the side of the nest. Actually he/she is on the squirrel feeder, which I haven't been game enough to fill since the squirrels moved into the nest, for fear of scaring them away.

Extra Notes: I'm from Australia, where we have the cutest little possums you have ever seen. They are not like the US Opossums, oh no! Check out this link HERE for further explanation. Sorry, but those things are a little unpleasant to look at :) So, now that I am here in the US, I LOVE squirrels, because they are so cute, and they have a big fluffy tail, and they remind me of home :) So that is why we have a squirrel home in our backyard! 

Now, aren't they ADORABLE!!!!

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