Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Today / Random Stuff

Sometimes you just got to get this stuff out of your mind and onto paper/blog:

I'm on Day 6 of yoga! Yeah - kind of proud of myself. Doesn't sound like much but I'm having serious motivational issues with exercise at the moment. And I'm hurting. So yoga-on baby!

I ran 1 mile yesterday - yep, you heard it correctly - ONE mile. Awesome :) hahahaha - HEY, it's a start. I have a whole plan worked out to get me up to 3 miles in 12 weeks. Slow maybe but I think this (time) will work for me.

The girls and I had a fun Spring Break together. On Monday we went to two museums, and then had a little picnic at the botanical gardens. I laughed so much watching them play tag. Those two crack me up!



On Tuesday, I took my two girls, and a friend of my eldest girl, to the movies to see The Secret World of Arrietty - very cute movie. So good to see a movie with no "issues" or moments you have to awkwardly explain to 3yr old and 5yr olds. All the girls loved it.

Wednesday was my birthday! And what a day. My husband and I were going to go out for dinner, get a babysitter, enjoy time together, but it got completely derailed. Now, it was partly my fault. With all the construction, painting, moving furniture stuff, etc. going on our house was complete chaos. So I tried all day to get it tidy (enough). The girls were both wheels-off crazy! Both in time-out numerous times - this hardly ever happens - ugghhhggghhhh!!! It was not a good day for anyone. So, at 3pm I gave in and canceled the babysitter - totally bummed :( Thankfully my husband convinced me to get the girls ready so we could all go out for dinner - my choice (huh? of course it would be my choice, right??). But he was being very nice and managed to get me out of my grump-funk and we all had a lovely dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Oh, the cheesecake is to die for!! And my dinner was delicious too. So, a birthday night was rescued from the jaws of despair and depression - thank you God for giving me him :) and my two beautiful girls.

Thursday - the girls and I headed to the Aquarium. SO glad I pre-purchased our tickets. The general admission line was SO SO long. The priority line was SO SO short :) So short I felt a little guilty. We waited for about 5 minutes and were in. So worth pre-purchasing tickets if it gets you priority admission. AND the tickets were cheaper on-line too. Gosh, this day totally made up for yesterday's day. We loved the Aquarium. It was all indoor, but really well done. We took about 2 hours to go through it all - taking our time to stop and look at whatever grabbed our fancy. We even timed it so well that we got to see them feed the sharks in the main tank - so cool! My eldest even asked a great question to the attendant - "Why don't the sharks eat all the fish in the tank?" - because they get feed really well, so never feel like eating their little tank buddies....for the most part ;)
Oh, and hubby surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a birthday pie - made my day!

The birthday cake is ABLAZE!!!

But see, I'm only 15 (wink, wink - hehehe)

Friday was down time, and packing time for the lake.

Today, I painted my nails blue for fun - what do you think?

The clouds looked weird this afternoon. We had storms all last night, which equals four people in a king bed and no sleep for me, because I have two little people hogging my pillow :(

First thing out of my 3yr old's mouth this morning - "Mom, we need to go to the store to buy earplugs, so we can get some sleep! That storm was too loud." - couldn't agree more...zzz...


The girls got busy doing some drawings. These are the new designs for the living room. This is my 5yr old's design.

And my 3yr old's design. Gosh, it will be hard to pick the winner!

And the last one - I'm trying really hard to give up Facebook - it annoys me more than benefits me. So hopefully more writing on the blog :)

That's it for today. Wasn't too painful, was it???

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