Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wood Floors / Day 2

Day 2 of Wood Floor Project:

1. My hands hurt

2. My legs hurt

3. My arms hurt

4. I'm exhausted

5. I think I overdid it yesterday :)

I finished off all the little bits - a few strips of carpet in the living room, the baseboards and all the tack strips. Moved one more piece out of the room, with help from the hubby. Still not ready to move the TV yet :)

Everything hurts, so I took a break today. Managed to take one kid to her playdate at the park, do a little business work, take the other one to the doctor (ear infection - boo!), make dinner, and tidy up a little bit. In bed by 10:30 again - now that is saying something!

Tomorrow's list:
* grind off all nail heads
* finish vacuuming
* wash floor
* move TV
* lay down underlay
* go get some glue to start with (boo - still hasn't shown up yet!!)
* start on FLOOR :) yeah :)

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