Saturday, January 8, 2011

Page No. 1

It is 2011 - a new year, a new start - page no.1, again.

2010 ended with my dryer breaking down, the microwave exploding, and my digital camera getting broken.

It's all fine. My dryer was fixed quickly and at no expense (thanks to extended warranty). The microwave had to go anyway - it was white, and the middle numbers on the timer section stopped working months ago, so I rejoiced when it exploded. No more excuses. And my digital camera is SO old - it would drive me crazy with how long it would take to actually take a photo. With two young kids I have missed so many cute moments. SO glad I get a new camera too. Any recommendations for a small compact camera (I like to be able to take it anywhere so must fit in my handbag)??

So new year, new start, new page, and new blog.

First project is our living room. The carpet is going - hello hardwood floors! I need some inspiration and since my camera no longer works, my first blog is a good hit of inspirational photos. I promise to get better at acknowledging where I have sourced my images from, and in future will try to link to original source as well - this is a work in progress with lots of learning on the way!

Simple, elegant, artistic and unique vignette - love it.
We have a fireplace and deer mounts that are not allowed to be moved (husband's orders!). Love the firewood stack, the textures and simplicity.

Clean slate and elegant furnishing. Also interesting layout with the fireplace, chairs and couch. My husband needs to sit in his chair. I like to lounge on the comfy couch. The problem is the TV placement.

Love the colors, and the contrast between the simple lines of the furniture to the chandelier and art pieces.

Absolutely beautiful.

I like the unexpected color and shine of the cushions and the beautiful screen behind the chairs.

This looks really family-friendly while still being elegant, and also had unexpected details like the different lighting treatments.

I am drawn to the blue - good pops of color in a simple setting go a long way.

So romantic!

Love this chair - the fabric is gorgeous.

Love the combination of old (wooden floors, antlers) and the more modern elements (chairs and chandelier) and an unexpected pop of color (OK, it is only a scarf or something, but you could transfer that to a painting or bowl).

This is from a Ballard Designs catalog - I love the artwork and the colors.

Nice, simple and I'm a sucker for black & white photography.

Don't think we want the TV over the fireplace and this room is a little fussy for us, but there is something about it that inspires the imagination.


Love the colors. Looks welcoming, cozy and family-friendly, and yet also stylish.

For ideas on mantle display.

Love the picture display - perfect balance.


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE even more!

Interesting. Need all the help I can get dealing with mounts.


Love the artwork, the grandeur, and the pop of blue - it offsets all that beige.

From Restoration Hardware - gorgeous!

Love the chair and fabric.

I would like to incorporate some interesting elements that are currently popular, like the chair's fabric, either for an old chair I need to recover or for cushions.

Love the mantle - round mirror is pretty.

I really like the furniture placement here - our room is such an odd set-up but this is might work. The TV is the problem...
Good mix of styles and love the skin on the floor (my little girl would love the puppy too!). I love the modern clean lines paired with more traditional elements plus add in some textural/natural elements and it is the perfect balance.
Two from Giannetti home in Channel Islands - beautiful and love the furniture placement
Two from Giannetti home in Channel Islands - beautiful. Love the furniture placement and love the paintings!


Well, I have a lot to think about. I have pulled all decorations out of the lounge room so I can concentrate on the furniture placement without distraction. Should be fun. Although the tough part is convincing my husband that some things need to change - he doesn't like change. It has taken me 4 years to convince him that we should get hardwood floors!! Wish me luck :)

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