Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Movin' and a Groovin'

Furniture To Buy:
Bookcase {$1000+}
Couch {$1000+}
Small writing table {limit is $30 - I know I can do it cause I did it for my bedroom - love Goodwill!}
Wingback chair {mmm...limit $60 - done it TWICE before, maybe third is my lucky charm, or diamond in the rough}

So really this means I have to get OFF my butt, get Movin' and a Groovin' and start getting my Etsy store up and running to make some pesos!

Ok, I've started :) Just a little something sweet to start with (hey, my kids always want to start with dessert and then have the dinner). I'm excited - I need to create to live! Are you like that too? I have so many ideas, actually NOTEBOOKS full! So, most important step for me is just to start. Hoping to get them up in store by end of next week (hey, well I've got two little kids, got to keep the house some what orderly, and help run my husband's business, next week may even be pushing it!).

But I'll try...

Gosh...I also desperately need a digital camera - love my film SLR, but this is killing me not being able to preview my photos (O, SO SPOILED!)

Must also share this link about the lamp print by Jones Design Company - I LOVE THIS!!!

The Whole Concept is Divine. I went immediately and looked up all our names - so TRUE! My 4yr old's Spiritual Connotation is Promise of God. And she was :)

Oh, just thought of another gorgeous idea - later....

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