Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Living Room Concept

Finally got a chance to sit down and have a good think about the living room. So far this is what we have:

Interests/ Things We Like:
Hunting {um, very evident from what is on the walls!!}
Outdoors {ditto}
Nature {ditto, ditto}
American Indians {would be great to collect a few pieces to tie in}
Horses {would tie in great with my horse display in kitchen}
Other Cultures
Maps {we have an old map of Texas}
Texas {homeland}
Australia {home country - think framed flag would look great - just like you always see framed Union Jacks, or pillow cover - something unexpected}
The "South" {thinking a banjo would be AWESOME!!}
Architecture {nod to the good ole days}
Photography + old cameras {sucker for black & white photography - it could be of anything and I think I would love it!}
Art/ Sculpture/ Pottery {wish my husband would create one of his famous collages for me - maybe if I keep harping on for another 10 years I might get one - they are SO AMAZING. But he is a busy man now.}
Books - art books, history, literature

Functionality of Room:
TV Viewing {kids mainly during the day, husband at night, me - VERY rarely - I never have the time or desire, well, except for HGTV!! :) }
Family Time
Music & Dance Area {for us and the girls on family dance night LOL! - it's a hoot!}
Run around the couch for kids {especially for those cold days - they need to burn off all that energy}
Book Storage
Wet Bar
Access to outside/ backyard

Main Focus of the Room:

Style Definition:

WOW Factor:
better furniture - more interesting pieces
unified design

I'm not really changing the layout of the furniture but I would like to change out a few pieces with nicer ones, or something more functional. We really like the darker/cherry wood look for the furniture, and will probably mirror that with the new wood floors. So this is what I have found so far:

From Ballard Design:
Top left chair and side table. I have a bench covered in similar material so I could use this as a highlight material - like for an ottoman for the new couch, and for the old chair I have.
Hanover Modular Bookcase - this would match a little antique cabinet we have that currently houses our CD collection.

From Restoration Hardware:
Cast Iron Hitching Post Horse
1949 French Library Globe
Roman Capital
Gear Objects
Architectural Artwork

From Pottery Barn:
Nest Sentiment Lumbar Pillow
Pen & Ink Calligraphy Pillow
Flower Cafe Pillow
Bird Cafe Pillow

From Crate & Barrel:
Cameron Sofa in Sesame

The above is really for inspiration only - I'm not about to run out and buy everything listed here! I'll be very lucky to convince my husband to buy the bookcase and couch. Instead, I will be watching for copy-cats, sales, sourcing ebay, estate sales, antique malls, etsy, and will try to make some items too (pillow covers, ottoman, framed prints).

Framed Australian Flag {already put my order in to my parents :) }
Cowhide rug for floor {already have - move from bedroom}
Old Cameras {from my collection}
St Francis statue {already have}
Old Texas Map {already have framed in wet bar area}

Lots more details to work out, but I think this is a good starting point. I also have some really exciting ideas for our wet bar, but I think that will require its own post!
Wow - that's a lot already! What you do think? Any ideas or suggestions?

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