Monday, April 4, 2011

Notes from the Garden

Spring is in the air...finally (again) :)

Here are some pics from my garden, and also some of a sweet little guest having a drink!

Planted some Azaleas - hoping they will survive and thrive!

These flowers were almost dead after all that cold cold icy winter we had. Then all of a sudden - BLOOM!...beautiful :)

My other Azaleas and some other little flowering thing that looked pretty in the store - LOL! That's just how I roll sometimes - all wild and crazy at the plant nursery!! WooHoo!

Oh, and another wonderful surprise - of course all my hostas died over winter. I thought, "oh, well, will have to figure out what else to plant there instead". Then POW! up they come, and just the day after I read about it on another blog. So glad I didn't dig them up.

My grass need cutting, need to re-mulch and need to replace the worn-out gate. But this is just the start of Spring - gotta have somethings to do outside for the next 2 months!

This is a close-up of the pretty-thing-a-ma-jig-flower that i was writing about before ;) Love those little feet sticking in my photo there!

And here is our sweet little friend - look at him - awwww! He is having a drink at the soak-it-hose-bar!

(LOVING my new camera - look at this detail - keep scrolling down to see just how far away I actually was - so cool! It is a Canon PowerShot SX210IS - LOVE IT!!)

(Can't see him can you! He is between the boxwood and the low stringy thing plant! GOSH - guess I should get to know some plant names, huh!)
Still lots to do - we have a billion leaves (WE - who am I kidding here - me, I, self, little 'ole - DH is tooooo busy). Soooo, I have a billion leaves to rack up, bag up and put out for collection. Need to weed lawn, fertilize (again) and MOW! (sorry neighbors - you guys are so good to me). And then there's the backyard...

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