Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Flowers

What a nice way to start the week back to school, after Spring Break, with pretty flowers in the bathroom. Who is ready for the beautiful spring weather to start? I think this lime-y green might be my "spring" color this season :)

We had a mixture of relaxing moments and "GET.IT.DONE" moments over our Spring break. Still organizing the kitchen. Got the carpets cleaned. Re-positioned some things in the playroom, and tidied the girls' bedroom! 

The girls and I also started our dollhouse. We are converting/"renovating" an old bookcase into a dollhouse for their mini-American Girl Dolls. The girls picked out all the "wallpaper" and "carpet" and some furniture. I'll share next post :)

Back to work, and school. Today is so peaceful...I mean, lonely without them ;)

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