Sunday, September 23, 2012

Autumn Table Display

So last weekend I got a little busy with my fall decorating and made a few things. I am so excited about Fall this year, maybe because we had such a brutal hot summer, or maybe just because it is my favorite time of year. But, then again, I do love summer too...and, I am really looking forward to winter (to get rid of all these deadly mosquitoes!). No, I think autumn is my favorite...the decorating, revitalization of the spirit, the colors, the temperatures (ahhh.....), the coziness (without the chilled-to-the-bone feeling).

It conjures up pumpkins, and hay rides, soft blankets, sitting by the fire-pit, toasting marshmallows, soft drowsy light, and golden sunsets, the crisp air, and apple orchards. I love those beautiful days when the air is so crisp, the light dances off the amber leaves, and the world just seems a little more radiant, more beautiful than the day before. Those days when His touch is more softer, and sweeter, and your heart fills with love and grace and happiness. Beautiful Autumn!

So to celebrate the season I made a sweet little centerpiece for the table:

I started with lovely supplies from Hobby Lobby - lots of items 40% - 50% off (who shops for anything else if it's not 50% off??). So we have a cute rustic little wooden box, some flowers, a pumpkin, acorns, pine cones, floral foam square, a candle and ribbon.

I cut the floral foam to fit in the box, with the candle.

Then I stuck in some flowers, leaves and berries. I filled in the space around the flowers with dried spanish moss - I bought a big bag for about $2.50 at HL, and it may have even been 50% off!! LOL!

Finished it off with some feathers, a pumpkin (in the center), some little wood acorns, pine cones, and a pretty bow. I could not get the bow to glue onto the box, so I made a hook to hook it onto the side of the box. Very simple, but so pretty! Really, you can do this - just stick them in there, play with them a little to get the balance right, and viola! Little things like the feathers and bow are the perfect accents and really make it something special, so don't forget the little things :)

I think the only thing I might change is the candle - change it to a non-flame one, because I just feel a little uneasy with live flame, plastic foliage, spanish moss, and kids!

Oh, and sorry about the pics - my camera ran out of battery so the iPhone had to suffice!

Next up - the wreath :)

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