Thursday, August 1, 2013

Our Summer Begins

{This is kind of old now, but I'll post anyway, then catch up later with more pics and updates.}

We are now back from our trip to Australia. We had a fantastic time visiting my parents, my sister and brother-in-law, nephew and sweet little niece (whom I got to see for the first time in person, and she is already 4!!). We got to do so many things - from going to the beach, to the (Steve Irwin's) Australia Zoo, hung out with friends, shopping, numerous coffee outings, wildlife encounters, and generally just soaking Australia up (so good to be home!!). I'll (maybe) do a separate post with pics soon, maybe.

It took us a week to get over jet lag. Okay, let me rephrase took me a week to get over jet lag. It took the girls about 4 days. Okay, okay...maybe I'm still trying to get over it...uugghhh! I'm feeling rather old!!

Anyway, we are back into the swing of things here. It is hot and HOT and a little hot! In Australia we so much enjoyed the pleasant 70 degree weather - it was like fall (which we never have here in Texas), or spring (which is unheard of in Texas). So, basically, it was heaven. But back to, now, it is HOT!

And so our "summer" begins.

Two weeks of swim lessons.

If I had not have scheduled swim lessons to start 3 days after we arrived back, we would never have made it out of bed before 12 noon. Okay, I would not have, but maybe we, you never know really, do you??

So, 2 weeks of swim lessons. Tomorrow is the last day (fun day) and the girls have LOVED it! Eldest SWIMS on top of the water, flapping her arms in a cooperative manner. We are AMAZED! and super excited :) The little one got moved into big sister's class (happy faces) after first day, and is doing so great - arms may not be so coordinated, but her effort is making up for it. So they are excited about the water, and swimming - yeah, success!

I almost had one fail. They play a game at the end of each lesson - rings get tossed, everyone "swims" to find a ring, person who misses out is out of game (one less ring is tossed). My eldest would get down to her and two others and then lose. Second last time she was so upset about losing all the time, I had to do something. So I gave her a little strategy session...a little bit of advice. It was challenging in so far as, one, she had to listen to me, two, she had to remember it, and, three, she had to apply it when it really counted. So, next lesson comes, it is at the end of the ring toss and it is down to her and one other little girl. I'm watching with baited breath - will she do it, will she remember what I told her, will she be able to make it work in the crunch of it all? There is only one ring out, and two girls searching for it! She decides right off to head the way I had discussed and she found it!!! She found the RING!!! Oh my...she was so excited. All I hear is her little sister cheering for her when they named her "Ring Champion" - it was like the Olympics! But the best moment was when she came up to me and said - "Mom, your advice worked. You gave me the best advice, and it worked!". Man, proud moment right there - she had listened, executed, and acknowledged MY ADVICE! That, my friend, will go down into THE BOOK - (as they say) BEST.DAY.EVER.

So, first week of swim lessons does not count to our summer beginning, because I was still in jet lag haze that week. Summer officially started this week for us. Here is the week's recap:

Monday consisted of dragging myself out of bed to get the girls to their swim lesson on time, then a cute craft in the afternoon, plus unpacking and laundry and tidying up the house. Fun, fun.

Craft - Dog
Both girls jumped on this craft - they are dog-crazy. This was cute, fun, easy and gives you a little space while they are busy coloring in the dog's body, so I liked it too :)

Coloring away.

Ruff and Ruff-ruff

Tuesday was super busy! Swim lesson in the morning, playdate at McDonald's for lunch, home for quick craft and tidy up, more laundry (of course - does it ever end??), and then off to gymnastics class in the afternoon, followed by a huge walk in the evening. Fun activity at night for calm down phase of the day.

Activity - Star Gazing
This was super cool idea, the girls LOVED it, but we need to redo it up at the lake away from the city lights so we can actually gaze at stars...for real.

Craft - Ribbon Dance Ring 
At first my eldest was like, "this is lame". But we went ahead and made little one's. Then she was like, "wait for me!", so we made one for her too. Then they danced around the kitchen, and carried them around all afternoon, and I got cute video of them, and it made my heart flutter, so it was worth it :)

I don't even know what I did today - was it really Wednesday?? I know we went to swim class, and from then until we went on a huge walk (which turned into a huge run competition between two teams - me and little one, and hubby and eldest), who knows, and who cares...too tired! Did craft.

Craft - Fish 
We made these as thank-you's for our swim teachers - they loved them...I know they did from the look on their face...really!

Last day of swim lessons! This could be dangerous (sleeping in) except for the fact that I signed them up for classes next week that start insanely early (like at 9am!! what was I thinking??). Also have the dilemma of what to do for eldest's birthday party next week - she is super excited, but I'm just not feeling it. She will be 7...7...did I say 7! This is not really happening, so I think I'll just go back to bed and hide under the covers until it passes and she has to stay 6...forever.

Craft - Hippos
So darn cute even I made one (which, of course, was the best...shhh, don't tell them though).

Friday!! I made it!! Tomorrow is Saturday!! I made it!! So the perfect thing to do on a Friday is make sunshine and rainbows! Delight. (exclamation)

Craft - Sun & Rainbow

Celebrating Father-in-law's birthday and eldest's birthday this weekend all together up at the lake. Will be a real shindig! FIL will have a coconut cream pie (heaven in a pie!!) and turn a magnificent age, and ratbag-turning-7 will not get anything ('cause how dare she turn not fair!). No, no...of course I'll make some fantastic (to us - perspective, people!) cake, iced to perfection, all themed out to her heart's desire, because I love her more than life. What a sweet divine miracle was bestowed upon us when He gave us her! She is our joy, our laughter, and our love. I'll probably cry.

Happy Birthday to the bestest 7 year old in our world!

Until next week :) Enjoy a wine (glass of, that is!).

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