Saturday, February 2, 2013

The New Year

It has taken me some time to get motivated this year. Currently I am inundated with business tax crap! YUCK! I really need to work on it more consistently throughout the year, so it is totally my own fault.

Tried to get myself motivated and start exercising again, you know, eating healthy, getting super fit and gorgeous. All that stuff. But, alas, it is not working either.


I did manage one little thing- I cut back on the chocolate intake. I had some days where chocolate was my main intake! Not good!!! By mid afternoon I would be feeling SO tired and shaky, and hungry, so I would eat more chocolate! Not good! But now I have cut it back to a MAX of 3 (doves dark chocolate - that's the only chocolate I like) per day. And I am feeling much better. Maybe not motivated, but feeling much better.

There is also the small/BIG issue of this house. It is a TOTAL mess. I'm cleaning everyday, all day...well, maybe not really, but it really seems like it. Oh, and the appliances here are revolting (as in mutiny) - first it was one of the deep freezers (we lost a heap of husband's prized venison - he was as mad as hell!! The freezer was only a month old). Next up, the vacuum cleaner - the brush stopped working. When the brush stops working on a vacuum cleaner it's pretty much useless - thankfully it is still under warranty and so I took it to the crankiest women in town to get fixed. LOL! Then it was the dryer - may as well buy a new one 'cause it is about $270 to fix two problems it has!! AGGGHHH!

Then there's the new puppy. The new puppy who is proving to be impossible to potty train. The puppy who goes potty one-foot from the training pad, even though you have just placed her on it one-million times and still she won't go. The puppy who loves to chew all my pretty baskets. The puppy who loves to chew my kids. And the puppy who just chewed up the rug in the playroom, CHEWED.IT.UP! But she is also the puppy who is so soft and cuddly, and we just cannot resist putting her in our bed at night (I know, so naughty!). But she is like a baby, she snuggles up to you and it just melts your heart. And, anyway, it is all my husband's fault - he started it!!

Anyway, this has to be my year to declutter, refine, and save. So I need to get motivated. My husband started it (again) - he cleaned, decluttered and sorted the garage. Now it it the shinning star of beauty and we all want to move in there and live. Forget about the rest of the house? Ok, maybe not. But it is beautiful thing. He is defending it with all his manly authority, and so far I have not failed him :) So we need to move this train along its track!

The other day I was on Pinterest (SHOCK!! I know!)..anyhoo, I found this great site with a list (LOVE lists) on how and what to declutter and to get it all done in 40 days. 40 days. Good number, right?? The blog is Keeper of the Home and the post is 8 Weeks to a Less Cluttered Home. So I printed out the list and started working on it today. It really seems doable - just 30 minutes each day on a small area of the home. Work through the list and make it out the other side with a less cluttered home! Sounds perfect.

Day 1 - Kitchen Drawers - Cutlery and cooking utensils.

Cleaned out the cutlery drawer and pulled out the contact paper I had put in there when we first moved it. I think it looks better with just the wood. Also, the cutlery is all in a cutlery sorter/container thing, so it is not actually on the wood (stays nice and clean - at least  in my head it does). That was easy :)

So then I tackled the cooking utensil drawer. It was OVERLOADED. You know, one of those drawers you hate opening because it gives you anxieties just thinking about it. You don't want to open it. You don't want to use anything out of it, because you don't want to open it. And you don't want to cook, because you will need something from THE drawer, the one you don't want to open! Yes, that drawer! So I cleaned it, and sorted it, and pulled 60% of the crap out of it, and now it is pretty! (Disclaimer: there will be no or very few before pics because they are just pointless, and too embarrassing...understand?)

The 60% of crap out of the cooking utensil drawer will now go to a new section called the baking section. Don't you love that!? Highly influenced by Edie from Life in Grace and her baking center and the wonderful hospitality series she did - check it out here. Just life changing!

New Baking Drawer

Kids' Lunch Container Drawer

Cooking Utensil Drawer

So there it is...a start. A slow start, but a start nonetheless!

I must keep it going...tomorrow will be kitchen cupboards!


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