Thursday, August 16, 2012

Preparing for New School Year...

School uniforms have been bought, shoes ordered, and supplies bagged up and ready to go to the classroom. School starts in 4 days!!

One will start Pre-K and the other will start GRADE 1!!! What!! This is just insane. Where did my babies go? Guess there is no turning back now, it is full steam ahead for these two little people. It is now their time to grow and develop and learn, and find their own ways to express themselves. It is such a hard thing to let go, though. I'm sure there will be a few tears, and that anxious, nervous pit in my tummy...but, hopefully just me, not them...praying they will be fearless and excited and happy to be starting school.

This week at home has been a fluster - we just got back from our beach vacation, I have been feeling totally worn out, and now have a cold. So, the motivation to do much has deflated to an all time low. The laundry is very slowly getting done. It has taken me three days to unpack our suitcase. The house is a complete mess! But, thankfully I had all their school stuff done BEFORE we went on vacation.

We have met the teachers - both very nice. Kids meet them tomorrow - they are super excited :)

So what to do now - PREPARE!

1. Iron uniforms and clothes for kids and hang in closet

2. Create Mad Minute Math sheets for Grade 1 kiddo (I know she'll love me for day! hahaha). You are free to print off copies for your own use.

3. Make up sweet little teacher gifts (we love to do this all together - the girls pick out what they want to do and I help put it together).

4. Clean up desk and playroom, ready for homework.

5. Work out breakfast and lunch menus.

6. Type up afternoon schedule and pep talk with the kids.

7. Remind Back-to-School fairy that school starts Monday ;)

I'm thinking that if I'm missing anything we will survive. Just want to spend these last few days enjoying my two babies...for just a few days more.

Hoping your back-to-school frenzy is going along okay, and that your kiddos have an absolutely fantastic year :)

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