Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Master Bathroom - Redecorated

I still have a few little bits and pieces to complete on the master bathroom renovation - just need to get it done!! MUST get it done before my Mum and Dad get here :) But, you know the impatient me, decided to do a little redecorating instead. I haven't really been sure what direction to go with until now. I originally had all my Japanese artwork up in there, but decided it wasn't really working and moved it all to the bedroom to the gallery wall (looks fantastic!). So I decided to go the beach theme - the colors are perfect for it (a sandy yellow with sea blue accessories). So here it is:

Most of the accessories come from Target, TJ Maxx or Marshalls. A few are from Pottery Barn (the blue jars near the bath tub). Picture frames are from Hobby Lobby. And the rest are antiques from local Antique Malls. The prints are printed from the New York Public Library Digital Gallery - what a great resource!

I would love to paint the cupboards white, but that gets vetoed by the husband...everytime - what's up with that?? :) But with the new decor it really lightens it up in there, so I can live with it now.

I cleaned out all my cupboards and drawers - WOWZA! I got rid of a lot of junk! Feels wonderful. The closet is now done, the bathroom done, bedroom close, laundry done, kitchen organized, girls room done, office/playroom getting close, spare room no where near done - it is next ;)

I love how it turned out - it makes me happy :)

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  1. :-) Like it and as long as it makes you happy then it's good!