Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Getting Organized / School Clipboards

We are in full school madness here at my house now. It has been a number of weeks since the kiddos started, this is their 4th week! Time flies! And so does the paperwork. Good grief - it's almost a full time job trying to keep up with all of the paperwork they send home - the forms, the "homework", the websites to register at (for reading/ school website/ school on-line store, etc), box tops, teachers' monthly lunch sign-ups, and all the beautiful artwork and assignments. Plus, we also have emails during the week from the teacher, the Principal, and sometimes the Pastor. So how do we keep it all under control/make sure the kiddo does her homework/ take show-and-tell on the right day/ file away those precious art pieces? Well this is my system:

Art is stored in an under-the-bed box - it is sorted each day and plonked in there together with any creations they do after school (they both love to draw, and it is the perfect activity while I try to get dinner ready).

Important Forms/ Homework/ Anything that needs immediate attention - now gets "hung-up" on special clipboards that I decorated and hung up on the wall. They are now front and center (right over my desk) where I can see them and be constantly reminded of what needs to be done for the next day, or that week. Once completed it gets filed in their school folder.
I just made them today - love them :) Very easy to do - I purchased clipboards (from Target - about $2.50 each??) and covered them in scrapbook paper I already had on-hand (Michaels, Joann or Hobby Lobby). I attached the paper onto the board with spray adhesive, but you could also modge podge it too. I then added a few finishing touches - ribbon on the top and bottom (attached with hot glue on the back, and a little spray adhesive on the front) and printed out their names onto green paper and glued onto the bottom ribbon. Done!

(don't worry, it is not your eyes - I blurred out their names)

School Papers to file - once I have reviewed/ completed an item it gets filed in their respective folder and placed into the file drawer of my desk. If I need to re-check something, it is easily accessible.

Emails - I print them out if there is something more than a line or two that I need to remember, and it then gets hung up on the clipboard. Anything less than a couple of lines just gets written down on my calendar (in general on the wall calendar, and in more detail on my desk/handbag calendar).

Once my system was in place it really helped things run more smoothly - homework gets done on time, kiddo gets extra "dollar" for the week (reward system/math learning tool at school), teacher is happy, Mom not as stressed out :)

I try to do things the same day I get them - it is fresh in my mind, and gets it out of the way. We also do homework as soon as we get home (even though we are in kindergarten, I think this is a good time to start this routine). The longer you leave it the more tired they get, everyone starts getting cranky, someone starts nagging, and before you know it someone is crying in the corner, oh, I mean putting their foot done and demanding order in this house! It can get ugly...

Box Tops - I collect these throughout the year and keep them in a baggy on the fridge - once the Box Top collection begins I can just grab the baggy, and stick them on the paper and hand it in - so easy, stress free.

I also put up a corkboard in the breakfast/eating area so we can pin up the "best work of the week" for each kid. They really like this!

So now I think I'm organized...OK, semi-organized, hahaha - good grief, the world would stop turning (out of shock) if I was organized!

Oh, so then what do I go and do? Sign up to be Room Parent, of course, just 'cause I don't already have enough on my crazy plate as it is! Aggghhh, just can't help myself!
If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. The more things you do, the more you can do. - by Lucille Ball.

(love her!!)

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